Why Attend Camp Model UN Ukraine?: Applicants Answer

Camp Model UN applications are now closed. We are proud to announce that we had applications from inspiring and active youth from every Oblast in Ukraine! Unfortunately we will only be able to take 60 students, yet we are both inspired and encouraged by every single applicant we heard from.

Why do students want to attend Camp MUN? We could tell you what we think but why not hear it straight from some of the applicants!

“One of the major reasons that made me apply to Camp MUN is definitely a great desire to get such an incredible and useful experience”
”I really want to feel like a someone who can change the world, to solve global problems that bother many people.”
“Because it would be an incredible chance for me to work on finding and solving problems of world we live in. And also, get more experienced, meet people I will change the world with.”
“i am deeply concerned about problems that are destroying our world. So i would like to contribute to helping, take part in distribution of information, and through this camp i would learn how to do it.”
“The camp is exactly what I've looked for. It's not a camp, it's a dream. I want to be a part of this camp because I want to express my thoughts, my views on life”
“I want to know more about the whole world, think globally, see the things from different points of view”
“This camp can help to find people who are the same as me and who are ready to create something new. We can establish an idea and make other people to follow our ones. If there are many people, we will overcome and solve global problems.”
“I want to try MUN again, because when I visited Camp MUN for the first time it was very difficult for all of us. But now, I think I will be able to help someone by sharing my experience and I think a lot of people will be able to help me in the same way. Camp MUN turned my outlook upside down, and I have understood that our world is not as perfect as it seems.”
"In 2013 I had an opportunity to be a participant of Camp MUN in Ukraine. It changed my life completely. Due to knowledge and experience I got there, I decided to develop my career in the sphere of international relations. After camp I am going to spread ideas of equality, peace and voluntarism, use writing and critical thinking skills and try to implement a Model UN in my community."

Sixty students from all around Ukraine will come together to talk about global issues, learn about different countries and cultures and increase leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and public speaking all while building lifelong networks!

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Thanks everyone!

-Camp Model UN Ukraine Staff and Counselors